The renowned designer is taking a 50 piece collection to London and will be showcasing it at the Savile Club in Mayfair.

30 years into the business, Shamaeel is known for her regal aesthetic and attention to detail.

The collection that will feature in her solo show was last shown two years ago in her own Karachi residence, where the corridors and rooms were transformed into a veritable fashion museum.
Some of the collection had been seen on the catwalk while the rest was placed on mannequins. Shamaeel explained the reason for this saying,
“I feel that the nuances to my designs sometimes get lost on a catwalk. There are so many details that can only be appreciated if you see them up-close. They aren’t very visible when a model just sweeps past you in a show.”

Next week, her collection will be shown once again in a similar fashion, at Savile Club in Mayfair; the venue is a gentleman’s club dating back to the 19th century with captivating vintage interior, and the event will also include a formal dinner, making the entire experience quite exclusive.

The music for the show has been created by Abbas Ali Khan, Faraz Maqsood Hamidi is writing the poetry for the segments and Tariq Amin has come onboard for hair and makeup.