US President Donald Trump is behind another controversy over India and Pakistan by asserting that the Indian leader was “very aggressive” in his remarks about Pakistan there and that he had not expected him to make them.

Khan met US President Trump on the sidelines of the UN General Assembly, a day after Indian PM Modi’s public meeting with the President at the Texas rally.

“I was sitting there and I heard a very aggressive statement yesterday from India, from the Prime Minister, and I will say it was very well received within the rule–you know, within the room. The statement itself. That was a big room; there were 59,000 people”.

During his meeting with PM Modi at the Texas rally, however, Trump was more complementary towards him.

At their joint media talk, Trump renewed his offer of arbitration between India and Pakistan over Kashmir.

Khan told reporters at the gathering that Trump asked him if the situation could be de-escalated and possibilities of another deal.

When asked about Pakistan at the joint press conference, Trump said that Modi gave a message loud and clear and “I am sure he will be able to handle the situation”.

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