This is the second such case to come from a KPK institution where they have taken back a culture-fuelled ban.

The administration of Baccha Khan University’s Charsadda Campus reversed the prudish decision to ban ‘coupling’ of men and women in the student body.

The reasoning behind this proclamation alluded to a ‘surge’ in “undue/un-Islamic/uncultural relationships” and warned that students found violating the order would be fined and their parents would be notified.

The notification regarding the ban was issued on September 23 through a member of the admin, announcing that “coupling of male and female students is not allowed” and warned of “strict disciplinary action” if the directives were not followed.

“It [the ban] is for the betterment of the students,” he said.

However, the varsity’s vice-chancellor, Professor Dr Saqlain Naqvi, told The Express Tribune that the notification had been withdrawn, as the circular had been issued without consultation of senior administration officials.

The Assistant Chief Proctor Farmanullah defended the regressive decision and said it was taken following complaints by concerned parents.

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