India’s red meat exports have been falling, which is good news for Pakistan. Their exports to Gulf countries are reported to have dropped by 30%, which opens a space for Pakistan in the Middle Eastern market.

A Human Rights Report shows that the Indian Cow Protection Movement is hurting their beef exports and other relevant businesses.

The vacancy left is one of the reasons Pakistani investors and exporters are taking increasing interest to the industry.

“There are daily queries from potential financiers seeking investment opportunities in cattle and dairy farming, promising a boost for the rural economy,” said Dr Muhammad Hayat Jaspal, from the University of Veterinary and Animal Sciences, Lahore.

The Meat Science Department Chairman also added that the increasing cost of production in the poultry sector is causing a diversion of investment to the cattle sector; therefore, cattle farming has been on the rise since the last couple years, according to director of Komal Food Arif Mustafa.

Mr. Mustafa is of the opinion that the government should convince State Bank authorities to reduce the meat export rate and in order to have local exports compete in international markets, to fully exploit this opportunity.

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