The Prime Minister has ordered relevant authorities to construct a mobile application to track cases of child abuse and abduction in the country

As reported by the Prime Minister Office’s Press Release, the app that is to be called ‘Mera Bacha Alert’ will come into existence in two weeks, after which it will be in effect.

Once logged in, information on concerned children will then instantly be circulated to all provincial Inspector Generals of Police and other senior police officials. The app will also be linked with the Pakistan Citizen Portal in order to monitor the progress of the cases.

According to the PM, parents are hesitant to come forth with cases of child abuse due to social and other reasons.

“The present government will take such steps which will ensure the protection of children and award of exemplary punishments to those involved in such heinous crimes,” he said.

He also informed the federal cabinet that progress was being made in investigations of child abuse and abduction cases, that will help arrest any suspects.

However, the premier did not elaborate on how the government is working to prevent cases of child abuse and abduction from arising- the concept of an app also seems self-contradictory, because if most parents are scared to report these incidents, it’s unlikely to be of much use. There’s also concern that civilians living in rural areas will not be familiar with the workings of the app.

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