The British street artist’s apeish portrayal of the British Parliament sold for more than $12M in less than 15 minutes

Titled “Devolved Parliament”, the painting shows politicians in the House of Commons replaced with chimpanzees. Banksy is a renowned yet anonymous artist popular for his political commentary through graffiti in cities around the world.

The artwork in question was created in 2009, yet critics still see its relevance to present day politics, particularly in relation to Brexit. It was initially estimated to sell at between $1.5-2 million pounds- the auctioneer went on to declare “history being made”during the sale.

This score for the Bristol artist coincidentally comes a year after Banksy’s last sell, “Girl with Balloon”, which shredded itself right after the final bid; the event is regarded as one of the most iconic acts of defiance in the modern era.

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