The recently arrested suspect for the rape and murder of four boys in Chunian, Kasur revealed he had been molested as a minor

Upon confessing to his illicit crimes, Sohail Shehzada also disclosed during interrogation that he himself was sexually assaulted as a child, which had spurred his passion to inflict abuse on other children as well.

Kasur’s regional police officer told a private news source that Sohail alleged that his ‘ustad’ at the naan shop he once worked at used to molest him. The officer confirmed that the matter was being investigated.

RPO Sohail Tajik further exposed the rapist as a ‘habitual criminal’, who had been sent to jail for molesting a minor in 2011 as well. Although he had been sentenced to five years, he was freed after serving one and a half.

According to the RPO, Sohail is illiterate and drove a rickshaw for a living, which he often used to lure in his victims.

“He would drive them to a hill on the outskirts of Chunian under the pretext of fetching wood and then sexually assault them there,” said the RPO.

The officer continued, confirming that Sohail would strangle the children then dump their bodies into a ditch if they cried out or made noise.

“The suspect was so confident that he would get away with his crimes that he continued his day to day life as if nothing had occurred,” he said.

From these overwhelming details, it’s safe to say we don’t know how many more children fell victim to this man and went unnoticed; in fact, we don’t know how many more men must victimize civilians like this and get away with it.

One thing that can be determined though, is the clear link between childhood trauma and adult character development. Particularly in the case of child molestation, this is just one example of how young victims could become predators themselves.

It is high time that people realise the significance of child development, dealing with trauma, and receiving an education.

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