These two young transgender women graduated with top marks in M. Phil degrees despite all odds

Syed Ali Raza- or rather Alisha- and Aisha Mughal briefly spoke to a private news source about themselves and their successes at an art exhibition assembled by members of the transgender community.

Alisha currently works as a Coordination Consultant for United Nations Development Program whereas Aisha is working as a consultant with the Ministry of Human Rights.

The pair had come out to the small local exhibition held by an organization called Mahnush to support their community and share their success stories in order to inspire any talented individuals present.

When asked about her accomplishments, Alisha expressed extreme gratitude and modesty over what she had achieved, saying being part of the UNDP team was an honor and privilege for her. Alisha has received her M.Phil in Education Planning Management (EPM) from Bahauddin Zakaria University Multan and previously worked with Engro Foods Company as assistant accountant.

Meanwhile Aisha is an M. Phil in Human Resource Management from Comsats University ISB, and even taught at Quaid-i-Azam University for a year, making her the first-ever transgender to work in their visiting facility.

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