The Sindh High Court has ordered provincial authorities to set up women rescue police centres in every branch of the province, and to discharge the endorsed amount of Rs.145 million for safe houses for women

The SHC Bench also ordered the provincial finance secretary to make sure that Rs.200 million permitted child protection authority be released within a month, and for the Rs.145 million to be released by one week; the two judge bench warned the secretary that in case of non-compliance he would be vulnerable to harsh court proceedings.

They also decreed that female SSPs would work independently in coordination with the women development department, and that until new recruitment, the women police officers and constables would be separated and trained according to the guidelines of the women development secretary and status of women commission.

The bench was then apprised that all issues related to women would be dealt by one entity and addressed within three to four months, along with the promise of establishing a committee that would consist of the secretaries of the women development and welfare departments.

So far, the women development secretary has confirmed that a model women and children protection centre has been established by the Sindh police and eight more such centres in other parts of the province have also been notified.

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