Indian authorities say the travel advisory on Indian-Occupied Kashmir will be lifted on Thursday, more than two months after the lockdown on the region after revoking its special status

Thousands of tourists, pilgrims, and workers had fled the area when India issued warnings to travelers to leave the Muslim-majority region in sight of “terror threats”. Communication services like telephone lines and internet were shut down and public spaces were closed hours before the announcement, and later a curfew was instilled.

The mobile and internet services are still widely blocked in the region, although India claims to have lifted the restrictions. Now, the Indian government has decreed that the travel advisory issued on August 2 will also be lifted on Thursday this week.

“The governor [Satya Pal Malik] directed that the Home Department’s advisory asking tourists to leave the Valley be lifted immediately. This will be done with effect from October 10,” said an official spokesman according to  India Today.

Kashmir is a desirable destination favoured by mountaineers and other travelers, however, other countries are still upholding their advisories to citizens discouraging them from travel, where the most recent sign of unrest doesn’t favour India’s attempt to resume tourism in the region.

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