PM Trudeau took the expected hits, but Jagmeet Singh may have left a lasting impression

  • The English language leadership debate gave most Canadians their first chance to watch frontrunners, Andrew Scheer and Justin Trudeau have a go at each other this campaign. But no one really landed a knockout punch and seemed to be in a headlock the entire night.
  • 6 grown adults took the stage, making it the largest debate stage yet. But to audience members, the dry entertainment came from the leaders yelling almost the entire time over each other. Making it difficult for their points to get across to the voters.
  • NDP’s Jagmeet Singh took advantage of the Scheer-Trudeau scuffles by getting in a few well-timed jabs. It worked a few times and Singh may have distinguished himself for his positive messaging this campaign. Which may help him going into the 2023 election.
  • Conservative leader Mr. Scheer made sure Trudeau’s blackface controversy wasn’t left out by calling Trudeau incompetent and stating, “He can’t even remember how many times he put blackface on. Mr. Trudeau, you are a phony, you are a fraud. You don’t deserve to lead this country”
  • NDP leader Singh got a laugh from the crowd on the issue of Climate when he said right after another Trudeau-Scheer spat, “You don’t have to choose between Mr. Delay and Mr. Deny.”
(Justin Tang/CP)
  • Bloc Quebecois Leader Yves-François Blanchet took the opportunity to poke Conservative Leader Scheer on Quebec issues, by saying that Scheer floats the idea that Quebec is a corrupt province. Scheer did his best to defend but the attack seemed to throw him off guard.