An accountability court has extended the judicial remand of Maryam Nawaz, Vice President of PML-N, in the Chaudhry Sugar Mills case

An NAB prosecutor requested judge Jawadul Hassan to grant more time to file a reference against the suspects as the investigation into the charges of money laundering is still underway.

The judge therefore extended the judicial remand and instructed the jail officials to bring them forward on Oct 23 next.

During the hearing, the judge had reprimanded PML-N lawyers and officials for taking selfies with Nawaz in the courtroom.

Upon adjournment, however, Nawaz and her cousin who is also facing charges, Abbas, were allowed to have a meeting with their lawyers in a neighbouring room.

On her way back to jail, Maryam Nawaz briefly spoke to the media and made a blow at PTI Ministers for running a hateful campaign and accusing her of possessing a cellular phone in detention; according to her, even the jail authorities had denied the allegation as baseless.

“A rigging-riddled government does not have its footing like falsehood,” she had said, insinuating that the running party is no less than others it accuses.

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