A few days after the ex-cricket team captain and current Boy Captain of Pakistan’s birthday, the premier was awarded the Best Prime Minister Award.

All PTI Party MNA’s and Major Leadership attended the event. The Army Chief Qamar Bajwa and DG ISPR Major General Asif Ghafoor were also in attendance. The Army Chief signed the trophy being presented to PM Imran Khan; ISPR later clarified the trophy signing incident as “a mere ‘special gesture'”.

Special Guests

Prime Minister Khan, Panama Defunked Not Shamed Investor Tareen and Chief of the Armed Forces Qamar Bajwa sat at the front on leather sofas while the Kings men sat behind on the standard metal chairs.

Sherwani & Tasbeeh

Prime Minister Khan wore a black sherwani and doned a wooden tasbeeh in his hand, especially made from holy trees found in amazon which is also known as the religious Narnia for all your needs. Express Tribune reported to Imran Khan having a similar sitting posture as Quad-e-Azam.

The Mother of Oratorship

PM Khan though gave a very passionate speech, thanking all who has helped him get this award. He said he won’t only make Pakistan the best, I’ll make it best in the whole Universe. “with God’s will, all is possible” He exclamaied.

No Mercy for critics

He also called out the to be critics “There going to be a lot who’re going to say I didn’t really have a contender for this award, well a) it’s not my fault they were not good enough and secondly there was Ch.Shujat hahaha”

Khan ended the speech by thanking ISPR and Qamar Bajwa for arranging this award show and especially Bajwa sb for his wisdom.

The Nomination Controversy

Khan has validity in his remarks on the nomination criticism, as all his contenders are either hanged,assisanted or in jail or about to be atleast. That being said, one was left Ch.Shujaat Hussain who ironically is also close to dying.

“We will have our own award show when daddy is out of prison,boo hoo”

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“You and Me will do it together”

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