In Faisalabad, former NA member MNA Nisar Jutt’s vehicle was attacked by opponents, resulting in the death of two policemen as well as one of the offenders

The policemen, known as Constable Mehboob and Ayyub were reportedly brothers, and had been travelling with the PTI leader as guards when their vehicle was attacked in the Thana Thekri Wala area.

The guards managed to reciprocate the fire, however, and were able to kill one of the attackers who has been identified as Abdur Rehman Bandesha.

Bandesha was allegedly a close relative of former MNA Nisar Jutt’s and was the nephew of another former MNA, Ilyas Jutt. According to a private news source, Nisar and Bandesha had had bad blood between them, developing differences when Nisar left PML-N to join PTI during general elections in 2018.

According to the police, two of Bandesha’s accomplices have also been arrested while the investigation is still underway.

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