Rabia Shahzad, a Pakistani weightlifter, first received a silver and then a gold medal over the past weekend at the Hampshire Weightlifting Championship

The young medalist competed against eight other weightlifters, bagging gold at 144.8 points, based on the Sinclair Total- this is the actual total multiplied by the Sinclair coefficient, and allows the lifter’s body mass to be taken into account as well.

Rabia lost 6 kgs for the championships, earning a silver medal at 49 kg after her weight loss at the Welsh Open Championship. At the Hampshire Championship, Rabia lifted 40 kg in snatch and 52 kg in clean and jerk.

Rabia told a private news source that while the smaller body mass categories have less participants, the heavier weight categories are harder, and so the difficulty level was a combination of the two.

“I got this gold medal after a close competition, with the difference of just a few points,” said Rabia.

Rabia participates in the events abroad as an independent athlete, however this time the Pakistan Weightlifting Federation was there to back her up.

“It is all self-financed but it was good to have moral support from the federation,” she said.

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