A private schoolteacher from the Khyber tribal district has been arrested in the murder case of a seventh grader; the teacher has also confessed to the crime, according to the DPO

The 13 year old student’s body had been found at a deserted place near Teddy Bazaar in Jamrud a day after he reportedly went missing from his home.

Mohammad Hussain, DPO, addressed a press conference in Jamrud to confirm that the teacher, Rodaid, was in their custody.

“Roidad was a strong suspect from day one of his arrest and he was under strict monitoring of the investigating team. He eventually conceded to committing the crime,” said the DPO.

He also added that they were waiting on the post mortem results to confirm with sexual assault had also taken place.

The suspect allegedly confessed in the initial interrogations, and was further reported to have told inspectors that he had been unhappy with Kashif(the student)’s friendship with some other people he deemed to have “bad character”.

The police also retrieved a 30-bore pistol, an empty bullet casing, and a motorbike that are presumed to have been used in the murder. Kashif’s mobile was also recovered in evidence, as the suspect had tried to burn down to destroy data.

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