A man was digging a grave in northern India last week for his deceased infant, when his shovel hit a clay pot and he heard the cries of a female newborn from inside it

The man, Hitesh Sirohi, had gone to bury his newborn child who had died minutes after being born, told a private news source that he had found the baby wrapped in a cloth and crying.

“At one point I thought that my daughter had come alive. But the voice was actually coming from the pot,” he told them.

The newborn was immediately taken to the hospital where she is receiving medical treatment, according to the police, with a local politician covering her expenses.

India has struggled with female infanticide for ages, due to society’s preference for sons who are seen as caretakers and heirs whereas girls are seen as a liability.

Previously in January, a girl only three weeks old was retrieved from the ground after locals in Rajasthan state heard her cries; the baby had died after a few weeks at a hospital.

In 2017, the bodies of 19 female foetuses were salvaged by the police in
western Maharashtra state from a sewer near a clinic, and a doctor was arrested and charged for illegally aborting female foetuses for desperate parents.

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