Note from author: The following is a mediocre yet tolerable work of fiction. Hurt feelings will not be entertained.

The royal couple was seen kicking back with a glass of wine on the British airliner as it prepared to take off from Pakistan, the smaller and less politically important half of Britain’s former colony, the Sub-continent. 

While seeing Prince Charles and Kate Middleton off at the Nur Khan Airbase, the British High Commissioner Thomas Drew stated the royal couple had thoroughly enjoyed their stay in Pakistan, but could not help reminiscing over the good old days of Indian slavery and British colonisation.  

(Photo by Aamir QURESHI / AFP)

“Despite the protocol the royal couple received: including more than a 1000 security personnel and extensive road blockades,” stated Thomas Drew, “we can’t help but miss the subservient charm colonised India held.”

When questioned why the royal couple had only visited for a mere 5 days, the British High Commissioner stated Kate Middle was getting uncomfortable by the death stares she was receiving form Pakistan’s first lady Bushra Maneka.