A lecturer from Govt MAO College has taken his life after being pinned with sexual harassment accusations, despite the fact that the claims had since proven to be baseless

Muhammad Afzal, an English instructor at Government Muhammadan Anglo Oriental College, Lahore, was accused of harassment allegations by a student some time ago.

From his letter to the Enquiry Officer, Professor Dr. Aalia Rehman, it seems that he was falsely accused by a BS Mass Comm student because he gave strict marks based on academic performance, and the accusation was to pressurize him into giving better marks.

This is implied as he asks the Professor to reopen the enquiry to clear his name once and for all, and prevent such instances from taking place for other instructors in the future.

The instructor was clearly distressed and on edge, facing rumors of an enquiry reopening. He also mentioned that his wife had left him, and the letter turned into a suicide note as he confessed his grievances and requested the Professor to take care of an affair for him after he passes.

Once again, society is torn by the #MeToo movement as a tragedy is produced at the hands of a false allegation. As this news is gaining traction, people are shunning and dismissing the movement as a whole based on this one instance.

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