The current chief selector and coach of Pakistan cricket team, for the sake of doing something even more radical for the upcoming Australian cricket series announced himself as the 12th man of the team.

Misbah claims he’s already the Coach and the Chief Selector. “What is one more position going to do?!” exclaimed the ex-Pakistan Cricket team captain. Misbah said it’ll help with two things, a) He’ll be able to be more hands on with the team, giving them direct instructions and b) The team will make a Guinness world record, as nobody probably has done this before.

“There was a time when I played safe, some might even call it calculated, but this is the new Misbah who is not safe at all and literally ready to try anything to get a game!” – Misbah, while talking to reporters

When the PCB spokesperson was asked about the new self-appointment, he stated, “Well is say bura kya ho sakta hai that hasn’t happened yet?! King Misbah!” He chanted before ending the press conference.

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