The convict and his accomplice were found in possession of bags of ‘ice’ and charas near DHA Phase-VIII in Karachi

The accused, named Rohail Shakeel, was found guilty of selling the notorious substance known as crystal meth in 2018. A one-year imprisonment was handed down to him by a model court on Tuesday, with a fine of Rs. 11,000 and an additional four months in jail.

As told by the prosecution, the police had spotted two men engaging in suspicious activity near Seraiki Pulya, Khayaban-i-Abbasi, DHA Phase-VIII. Upon seeing the police, the men immediately discarded the shopping bag they were holding and attempted to escape on foot. Rohail was arrested while his alleged accomplice managed to flee.

The police then claimed to have recovered 110 grams of the methamphetamine and 150 grams of charas from the thrown shopping bag. Chemical analysis tests were also conducted on the evidence and the results came back as positive. The bag recovered on the spot had carried one big packet, eight medium-size packets and 11 small packets of ice drug.

“The accused used to sell the drugs to their clients, including students,” the prosecutor had said.

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