I’ll admit, I visited this restaurant when it was unbearingly hot outside, so it’s definitely been a while since I went there. But I’ve been craving good pasta so much recently that I can’t help but reminisce. So naturally, I thought I’d finally review this pasta place for all my fellow pasta lovers out there.

I first heard of Pasta la Vista from a friend, who mentioned this “cool snazzy pasta place” while talking about new restaurants in DHA. So one sweltering afternoon, a friend and I decided to head there for lunch.

All I knew about the place was that they serve different kinds of pasta and the location- so I was a little taken aback when we arrived at this small, compact eatery away from the main roads of DHA Phase 2.

Still, I kept an open mind- mainly because I was too hungry to back out then- and we headed inside. Stepping in felt like entering a different world. Lighting was dim, a light indie track was playing, and it wasn’t overpoweringly cold- the ambience was definitely great.

However, it was just as small from the inside, with seating for only around 30 people. As someone who prefers space, that was a downpoint for me, but my friend didn’t seem to mind. I won’t owe it completely to the little seating room, but the restaurant was definitely being kept busy with customers passing in and out.

Sitting down, a server approached us with a menu and overall catered to us really well- they were nice and polite, and sincerely apologetic when we asked about a dish that they had run out of. That’s something you find in almost every restaurant in Pakistan though, so we weren’t too disappointed.

After taking a good look at their menu- which featured solely pasta, except for the dessert and side dishes like fries- I decided to order their Spinach Ravioli, while my friend went with regular Lasagne. Their menu had a variety of pastas, but not a whole lot. However, there were definitely enough to choose from, and it’s unlikely you’ll find so much diversity in pasta anywhere else in Pakistan.

While we waited for our food, we took a good look at their interior; at first glance, the art hanging on the wall next to us had seemed like basic illustrations, but then I noticed that they were all made out of different cuts of pasta. There was a pretty cool mural across from us too, not to mention the huge mural we missed outside because of the cars blocking the view.

When the food finally arrived, I was a little underwhelmed by the quantity, although I was told for the price point, 9 pieces of ravioli was pretty good. Expense and quantity aside, the ravioli tasted great. The combination of spinach made me feel like I was eating healthy, all the flavours stood out, and it was perfectly cooked.


The lasagne that my friend ordered was pretty basic, and a little charred on the edges, but not too bad. I would recommend trying their more unique dishes, like the ravioli.

After that we tried the cheesecake, and that stole the show. While I love dessert, the only cake that I will eat without exception is cheesecake, so I’ve tried them all. And I have to say, that was the best cheesecake I’ve ever had- I’m not exaggerating when I say it’s the best cheesecake in Lahore. The texture was smooth and consistent, the crust was firm (just like I like it), and the accompanying berry sauce complimented the flavor really well.


Overall, I had a great experience and would definitely recommend the place to everyone, regardless of their food preference. In fact, writing this is probably what I need to push me over the edge and pay another visit. Hopefully, they’ve improved for the better!

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