A woman documented an incident witnessed outside LGS 39 Main, of a driver seemingly molesting a young girl in the parking lot

The post was reshared on Instagram by user Khadijah Shah, and has caught the attention of many people online since being posted yesterday. The story was narrated by a woman who had gone to pick up her son from LGS 39 Main, when she saw a car parked outside the school premises in which a young, minor girl was seated in the driver’s seat.

Upon closer inspection, she saw the girl was actually sitting in a man’s lap, and was resisting his forceful advances on her. The woman continued to stare at the driver, who then noticed he was being watched and shifted the girl to the passenger seat.

The witness then sent her driver to ask him what was going on. The accused then replied that he had just brought the girl to pick up her brother from the school. The woman then ordered her driver to warn the man with threats of contacting the family, and left.


The license plate of the car was told as LEF4662. According to people part of the discussion, however, the parents have been notified and the matter is being handled.

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