The government will be using the services of an international company called ‘Sandvine’ to enforce a web monitoring system that will identify and block any content perceived as ‘unlawful’

According to Coda Story, the Canada based company will be providing equipment to monitor and analyse all incoming and outgoing traffic in Pakistan. Reports of a web monitoring system first surfaced in May, when the Pakistan Telecommunication Authority directed the telecom industry to come up with a “suitable technical solution” for monitoring, analysing, and curbing “grey traffic” including those falling under Virtual Private Networks (VPNs).

Freedom of speech

The Minister of Parliamentary Affairs told the Senate that the PTA had asked Inbox Business Technologies and Sandvine Inc. to provide equipment for the cause. However at the same time he maintained that PTA was not involved with either company and no public funds were being spent on the project.

Despite this, the Coda report revealed that the PTA’s website had invited bids for the web monitoring system in March 2018. The WMS contract is worth $18.5 million and dated December 12, 2018. The contract had been signed by a number of parties, including Pakistan firm Inbox Business Technologies Ltd.

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