Apparently, it’s true. More than 7 in 10 Pakistanis say they are content or happy with their lives

The survey, carried out by Gallup & Gillani Pakistan, produced a nationally representative sample of men and women across all four provinces of Pakistan from different backgrounds who were all asked the same question: How happy are you with your life currently?

The report used responses of 1200 people who participated, who had the choice between four options, somewhat/very happy, or somewhat/very unhappy. 45% of the participants answered ‘somewhat happy’, while 27% confidently said ‘very happy’. Surprisingly, 17% answered ‘somewhat happy’, while 11% said they were ‘very unhappy’.

This implies that more than 72% of the population is happy with the direction of their lives. Given the country’s current state of affairs, that’s a pleasant surprise- being able to stay in good spirits while everything around is crumbling (just kidding).

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