A Karachi court has sentenced film director Mansoor Mujahid and accomplice Anab Hameed to lifetime imprisonment for the murder of their friend, Faisal Nabi

The award winning filmmaker behind ‘Seedlings’ was first convicted for the murder in 2014. According to the prosecution, Mujahid and his friends had been consuming party drugs at the victim’s house in DHA Karachi, when an argument broke out between them and things escalated, resulting in the director shooting his friend Nabi.

The prosecutor further stated that Mujahid had used an unlicensed weapon to shoot Nabi, and afterwards both convicts dumped their friend’s body in the parking lot of the apartment building- but not before stabbing and burning the body to hide his identity.

During the investigation, Mujahid had confessed to shooting Nabi twice, while Hameed admitted that she had stabbed the victim and showed the police the place where the body, weapons, and bloodstained sheets had been discarded. Hameed also mentioned that Mujahid had assaulted her a few days before the incident, which she had recorded in her diary as well.

Although the murder took place in 2013, the court had kept the case dormant in wait of confirmation of a third accomplice. The two confirmed convict’s have been ordered to pay Rs 200,000 to Nabi’s heirs as compensation.

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