A video of a group of lawyers beating up a woman outside a local court in Shakargarh, Narowal has gone viral; the motivation for the assault is still unclear

The victim, who has been identified as Amrat, says she was present at the court for a hearing relating to an incident that took place near her residence. According to her, the lawyers were not allowing her to enter the court and proceeded to attack when she resisted.

The scuffle took place outside the court, where she was reportedly dragged and beaten as onlookers- including policemen- stood and watched.


Contrary to the woman’s story, the local bar association’s president said the woman was attempting to kidnap one of the lawyers named ‘Yasir Khan’, and had been accompanied by some men.

While a case has been registered against the abusers, this isn’t the first time members of the judicial system have been caught committing such atrocities on camera. Previously, footage surfaced of a traffic warden getting thrashed by lawyers for trying to issue them a challan.

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