A man caused havoc in a Parisian cinema hall showing Joker in an attempt to use the controversial phrase as a distraction from his ulterior motives

During the film, the culprit, who was accompanied by another man, got up several times and shouted out, “it’s political!” but was ignored and told to shut up for the most part. Once enough context and drama was built up, however, he stood up once more with his hands on his chest and yelled out, “Allahu Akbar!”.

This time most people took no chances on doubting the man’s craziness and instantly began rushing out of the cinema hall, scrambling over seats and falling over aisles in attempts to get to the exit. Amidst all the confusion, the prankster had attempted to escape as well however he was eventually caught by the police.

The man and his accomplice were identified as professional burglars who used this tactic to create chaos among masses as a distraction from them stealing their phones and purses. The police confirmed that they had executed this once before on a train.

The man has been charged under the ‘apologising for terrorism’ term and is reportedly getting treated in the psychiatric ward at the police headquarters.

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