With the arrival of winter, smog has spread from Lahore to Islamabad and Pakistan must look upon itself if it wants someone to blame for the air pollution

According to experts, the smog is being caused by vehicular pollution with low fuel quality along with lack of pollution control technologies and industrial pollution, to name a few.

Although the situation is made worse by crop stubble burning in India, which releases fumes that get directed towards the country, the key sources of pollution have been shown to be local in nature.

Smog levels have crossed 550 on the Air Quality Index in Lahore, showing up as 600 in some areas like Gulberg. The last level of hazardous is 250-300, on which it is advised that people with health issues and children should limit outdoor activity and adorn face masks.

Smog is a result of the cool weather, as warm air does not allow the cooler air underneath to rise which leads to visible smog.

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