Top profile officials in countries like Pakistan that are allies of the US were targeted early in the year by expert hackers through Whatsapp

The list of country officials affected has been updated and Pakistan seems to be one of them. The hacking of these government officials could have serious political and diplomatic consequences for the US and countries affiliated. Around 20 countries across five continents have been identified.

Whatsapp recently sued an Israeli hacking tool developer called NSO Group, alleging that they had built and sold a hacking platform that took advantage of a flaw in Whatsapp servers that allowed hackers to break into the softwares of at least 1400 smartphones.

The NSO has said it is “unable to disclose who is or is not a client or discuss specific uses of its technology”, so it’s not clear who used their tools to hack into the officials’ phones. However, the NSO stated that its products are solely meant to help governments catch terrorists and criminals.

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