The Kaaf Kangana director and self appointed “biggest feminist in Pakistan” had some serious opinions to share in an interview on feminism and equality

In an interview, famous writer Khalil ur Rehman started talking about his favourite adaptation of his writings, the drama serial ‘Mere Pas Tum Ho’, which revolves around broken marriages and infidelity. This led to a discussion on problems within marriages, and somehow led to him giving his opinion on ‘good’ and ‘bad’ women.

The conversation took a turn for the worst when he suddenly said, “women shouldn’t get angry at the drama considering how they’ve insulted men”. This had been in response to the host’s question on what inspired the aforementioned drama serial- this elevated to a discussion on feminism and equality.

On the topic of loyalty, Qamar added that he “doesn’t call every woman a woman, as the only thing that makes you one is modesty” and if one doesn’t possess that then, well, he didn’t specify what creature he determined them as.

Qamar then defended his opinion saying he is a feminist, “fighting for the good women”, and wants to give them rights- “but only a little less than men”.

As part of his contribution to fighting for women’s rights, Qamar also suggested that women should rape men if they want equality.

“Have you seen the news where a woman was kidnapped by five men? But have you ever heard of five women kidnapping a man? Do that! If you want equality then do that!” – Qamar

And this just scratches the surface of Qamar’s take on feminism and equality. Perhaps Qamar should learn how to pronounce ‘woman/women’ properly before giving any unsolicited opinions on how they should live life. Maybe also look up what feminism and equality actually are, and the current state of affairs in Pakistan pertaining to them.

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