An inquiry conducted by the Pakistan Railways’ team concluded that the primary cause of the Tezgam Express tragedy on Thursday was a gas leak and subsequent explosion of two cylinders  

The Federal Government Inspector of Railways (FGIR) will submit a preliminary report on Saturday (November 2nd) requesting to take action against those involved in the negligence of the case.  

However, a civil defence official claims that, given the in-tact state of the two cylinders in question and the immediate spread of the fire to other coaches, the explosion must have been caused by a short circuit.  

Railway operations across the country have been slowly deteriorating with several fatal incidences taking place over the past year. No senior officials have been held accountable for these events.  

Moreover, the Pakistan Railways’ team has not made easy for the families of the deceased. They were informed that the DNA tests would be taking place in Lahore, however, upon arrival at the train station their train fare to Lahore was not subsidised. Additionally, there was no arrangements for coffins either.  

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