In an unprecedented move, a Pakistani man says he warmed up his own food for the first time in his life and says that he feels “liberated”.

Owais Irfan, 38, from Lahore, says that he was always dependent on someone else to give him his dinner when he came home from working as an account manager at a local bank. “Before, I would come home starving, but I couldn’t eat anything until my wife or my mother served me my meal.” But things changed for Irfan last week when his mother was in the hospital and his wife had gotten stuck on the road because of a VIP movement in the city. “I was so hungry, I couldn’t take it. I was nearly ready to eat my own arm. Then I thought, I could try to do this myself.”

Irfan reports a feeling of pure joy and amazement as he took out the food from the fridge, put it in on a plate, and turned on the microwave. “I’d watched my wife pressing the buttons so it wasn’t hard to figure it out for myself.”

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When he sat down to eat his dinner he said it tasted better than anything he had ever eaten before. When asked if he would ever consider cooking his own meals, he said, “One thing at a time. Society needs to be educated first before men can take such a drastic step.”

Irfan’s wife declined to comment, but Mrs. Irfan Senior, speaking from her hospital bed, said that this was one of the signs of Qayamat (signs that the end is near) when men act like women and asked for God’s mercy.