The International Cricket Council shared a heartwarming photo of a Pakistani cricket fan from the United States on his wedding day, ‘even on my wedding night, I wasn’t going to miss this game.’

Cricket fans are famous for taking their sport very seriously. Colourful and passionate fans fill up stadiums to devote themselves to their teams across the globe and Pakistani cricket fans are no exception.

Hasan Tasleem, a Pakistani living in America, shared an anecdote from his recent wedding night. As per Pakistani tradition, he and his wife and close friends and relatives went back to his home after the festivities. Upon arriving home late at night and seeing that the Pakistan vs Australia T20 match was taking place, he was immediately reminded of how he would stay up at odd hours of the night to make sure he wouldn’t miss any of Pakistan’s matches.

The ICC shared the photo on their official Instagram page on Wednesday along with a note that the groom sent in with the caption ‘#CoupleGoals’.

Sporting games have a strange yet undeniable power. From unifying families to bringing out a patriotic streak, once you’ve chosen a team it is impossible to not get deeply invested in their successes and failures. Highs and lows of sporting games, particularly cricket, can be intense. From excitement and elation to frustration and anger, the emotions one feels while watching an intense game can be unforgettable.

Much like romantic love, there is a certain lack of rationale coupled with a deep emotional intensity attached to supporting a certain team. Although some may find this devotion a little extreme, for many others this sentiment is extremely relatable and it is very likely we will see a plethora of similar stories appear in the future.

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