Ukhano addressed the harassment allegations against him in a ‘documentary’ which attempts to show him as a victor and victim both.

The video, which Ukhano himself has called a ‘documentary’, to address harassment and rape accusations made against him on social media, is definitely the first of its kind. However, first is not synonymous with good.

The video starts off with Ukhano standing in front of a cheering crowd which transitions into echoes of various people reporting allegations against him, an editing gimmick that is in extremely poor taste.

Off the bat, it is obvious that the video is all for optics.

Even the choice of a female lawyer, seems more for image than anything else. The video includes Ukhano’s lawyer debasing and turning around allegations against Ukhano, a representative of the FIA promoting the reporting of cyber crime, and anonymous witnesses to defend his side of the story.

Most of the video focuses on countering the original accuser’s remarks, but none of the countless other allegations made against him, some of which were confirmed by known personalities. Moreover, there is no proof of credibility of the anonymous witnesses.

Also let’s not ignore the mug shot style inserts Ukhano has added of the victims.