While Karachi is being invaded by swarms of desert locusts, Sindh’s Agriculture Minister tells citizens not to worry and make locust biryani and karahi instead

On Sunday afternoon photos and videos of locusts were shared all over social media by various people who claimed that the Malir and Korangi areas had come under attack. Authorities then confirmed that swarms of the grasshoppers had descended on the area but denied any effect to crops in the city’s rural parts.

Sindh Agriculture Minister Ismail Rahu sent experts with a fumigation team to the effected areas. In a statement, he assured the public that the locusts were merely migrating and that it was a harmless activity that would end soon. He affirmed that experts were monitoring the situation and no damage had been reported.

It’s uncertain whether the Agriculture Minister was trying to lighten the mood by suggesting citizens catch locusts and use them in biryani and karahi dishes.

However, the locust invasion forced a school to briefly postpone classes and a cricket match at National Stadium had the same fate.

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