More than 265 sites have been busted for serving Indian interests by spreading false, negative news on Pakistan

A European NGO called EU Disinfolab has shared its discovery of a large network of fake news sites operating in over 65 countries, that have been designed to manipulate Pakistan’s image in front of the EU and UN.

The EU Disinformation Task Force revealed that, a site covering European Parliament in Brussels, had been plagiarising news from international news sources for a long time. Most of this site’s content pertained to minorities in Pakistan and India-related matters.

Upon further probing, it was then discovered that the publication was owned by Indians with connections to think tanks, NGOs, and entities from the Srivastava group.

The group’s IP address also belonged to New Delhi Times and IINS, both of which were tracked to New Delhi. Recently, the IINS invited 27 far-right Parliament members to join them for a tour of Indian-occupied Kashmir and meet Indian PM Modi. Journalists linked these chain of events to the managers and sponsors of the visit- the IINS and entourage of EP Today.

Other publications, such as, were found to be publishing the same content as EP Today, criticising Pakistan’s role in Kashmir. Reports show that Times Of Geneva targets the UN, while EP Today focuses on the EU; both sites have been active for several years and were linked together through site domain names, emails, and registration addresses.

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