A woman in Florida becomes the first breast cancer patient to completely free herself of the disease thanks to a breakthrough in vaccines

Lee Mercker from Jacksonville, Florida was diagnosed with early-stage form of breast cancer and went down to Mayo Clinic to begin treatment, only for her doctor to suggest a vaccine that aims to fight off early-stage breast cancer and prevent future occurrence.

Mercker said she signed up for it in “10 seconds”, after hearing that the simple set of shots could potentially save her from the disease. The vaccine end up working perfectly, despite this being the first human test subject.

The former breast cancer patient still underwent a double mastectomy to ensure that the disease had been totally eliminated from her body, and the removed breast tissues can also be used to study for further results.

The doctor who had been in charge, Dr. Knutson, says the vaccine is being tried on two other patients, and are looking for more test patients as well. Knutson thinks the vaccine still has a long way to go but the future looks promising and is one many doctors are working toward.

Mayo Clinic is reportedly working on several other vaccines that aim to prevent and fight cancer. Dr. Knutson hopes that the Clinic can start trials for a vaccine that would aim to prevent breast cancer in healthy patients, “like a flu shot against breast cancer”.

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