To celebrate the start of the weekend, my colleagues and I ordered some sugary treats from Dunkin Donuts. Here’s why I low-key regret that decision.

On Friday, my colleagues and I decided to start the weekend right by ordering doughnuts from Dunkin Donuts. Although we had a myriad of other places to get dessert from, we decided this would be a good option because we were craving doughnuts. Sadly, in Lahore the options for doughnut eateries are limited and Dunkin Donuts being an internationally recognised brand, seemed like a good choice.

One of my biggest pet peeves and an all-too-common occurrence with delivery food in Pakistan is how long they take to deliver. In my experience, they always take far longer than the expected time making the overall quality of the experience seriously low. Surprisingly, Dunkin didn’t have that problem. They arrived right on time to our office in Gulburg, much to everyone’s excitement. The issue was more so with what was inside the brightly coloured pink and orange box.

At first glance I could tell something was off. The doughnuts looked shrivelled, dry and smaller than expected. When I held one, instead of having a moist texture, it was rough and hard.

More important, they committed the ultimate sin: messed up our order. In additional to the three doughnuts we ordered, we also ordered a cinnamon roll and choco popcorns. When we opened the box however, we had 5 doughnuts instead. My colleague believes that they probably didn’t have those items in stock and so compensated by sending random doughnuts in their place. To me, this is unacceptable.

The nail in the coffin was the taste. Dry, hard to chew and stale, I finished my chocolate marble doughnut feeling sad and regretful. Although Dunkin is a revered food chain abroad, in America for instance, it is extremely popular, it has failed to take off in Pakistan. Upon tasting their food after a long time I can see why. If you’re considering having doughnuts from here, I’d strongly recommend you save yourself the extra calories and go elsewhere.

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