Famed actor, PTI celebrity supporter, confused and self proclaimed messiah, Hamza Ali Abaasi, taking que from Kanye West has bid farewell to acting in a video message.

But into the 6th minute of the video, the actor takes a slight turn and announces “I don’t want to do any media roles btw, but as an alim in movies or a religious figure sure, all game jee”

The actor claimed that he had seen the light, “from being just extra confused, then to being famous, then to be so hypocritical and then seeing the light, it’s just jee, I cannot biyaan.”

Hamza is also planning to announce a religious vlogging tour all over Pakistan, where the almost retired actor (but not really), Abaasi will go and just appreictae the beauty, the skies, the hotels and all the luxury money can buy because of God’s good will.