A 13 year old girl minor who was subjected to rape gave birth to a baby girl in Shiekh Zaid Hospital, Larkana.

The minor, who was subjected to rape over a period of several months in Jacobabad, was shifted to Shiekh Said Hospital under police custody because she is continuing to face threats from the alleged rapists.

DNA samples of the baby have been sent to Liaquat University of Medical and Health Sciences’ forensic and molecular laboratory.

According to the FIR of the rape at the Civil Lines Police Station in Jacobabad, four people have been suspected as the abusers. Of the four, police have identified and arrested two however they were later released on bail. The other two have not been identified to the police yet and have been labelled absconders.

The girl did not inform her mother of the rape which took place when she was 12 until the pregnancy was confirmed. The mother alleges that her daughter would often frequent the Surhiyo residence where she would be provided free meals. One of the other known accusers is one of the vendors there.

Police have not yet been able to establish who the rapists are and are waiting on a DNA test from the child. The victim’s mother has appealed to the government and the judiciary to provide her justice.

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