Karachi, November 20: Pakistani women report feeling safer when attending a conference or speaking event in which all the panelists are male. At a recent panel at Mardangi University entitled “Mansplaining Feminism”, in which all four of the speakers were men, women in the audience were asked how they felt not seeing one woman expert on the panel.

“I’m usually so frightened when I see a scary feminist on a panel. So I felt much safer when I heard only men would be on this panel. I can trust their expertise,” said Saiqa Ahmed, a 20 year old student. “Aurat aurat ki dushman hoti hai.”    

Lamia, a 24 year old housewife with eight children, agreed. “Women would lie to us how feminism is about equality and women’s rights. The men today told us that feminism is about wearing chaddis in public and cheating on husbands. I’m so relieved to know the truth.”    

Dr. Aslam Bhonga, vice-chancellor of Mardangi University, who has six cases of sexual harassment against him pending in the courts, said, “We were proud to host this all-male panel on feminism so that our audience can get to know the ‘other side’ of feminism. The Zionist conspiracy against Islam wants women to be fooled into thinking feminism is positive, but our girls must learn about its dark side. Feminism causes infertility, metabolic syndrome, and eventually insanity. Not to mention erectile dysfunction in men, the biggest danger against Pakistan today.”  

Professor Viagra, visiting scholar from Italy at Mardangi University, was unavailable for comment.