From our special Gender Correspondent   

A group of religious scholars have issued a fatwa against women wearing leather jackets, after video emerged of a young female student activist chanting slogans while wearing a leather jacket. Mufti Abdullah Haris said, “Leather jackets on women are haraam. I have seen the video seventeen times and I can testify that it had a very bad effect on me. It made me think impure thoughts about women, cows, and motorcycles.”

Added Maulana Hamza Tayyab, “Hindus worship cows so there is no need for Muslim women to wear the hides of cows, which are known to have adverse effects on the wearer. Look at this woman in the video, she is shouting and singing and dancing in the presence of men, which is something only Hindu kaafirs do. She would never do this if she was wearing a burqa.”  

Asked if the fatwa applied to men, both scholars replied in the negative, saying that men were impervious to the effects of leather. “Have you seen men in leather jackets in Tollinton or Fortress? All the women run away from them. Therefore it is suitable for men to wear leather jackets, in order to keep the youth away from haraam deeds. Women should stick to silk and gold, as Islam decrees.”