Pakistan’s Minister for Environment drew criticism by blaming India for the hazardous smog levels in Lahore, a city which has now become the number one most air polluted city in the world.

Amnesty International has urged for global support on behalf of the residents of Lahore to speak up against the rising air pollution levels in the city.

Although the international organisation has blamed the rising smog levels on the government’s inefficiency to deal with the issue, the Pakistani government has been quick to shift the blame to Pakistan’s neighbouring state.

Pakistan’s Minister for Climate Change, Zartaj Gul came under fire recently for comments she made about the smog originating from India. The government has blamed the smog on the practise of stubble burning that farmers in India take part in every year around the winter season.

Pakistani residents, however, have been outraged at this claim and Twitter has been blowing up with people dismissing this as a conspiracy theory and criticising the government’s inadequate response to the health crisis.

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