A rare second leak of secret documents about the Chinese Communist government’s detention camps for ethnic minorities have been revealed.

The documents describe ruthless and brutal tactics being conducted in concentration camps in the Xinjiang region of China against Uighur Muslims.

The publication of the second set of documents on Sunday by the International Consortium of Investigative Journalists (ICIJ) follows the initial leak by the New York Times on November 16th.

The leak from the ICIJ says that the documents contained a manual for how to operate the camps including ways to prevent prisoners from escaping, maintain secrecy about the existence of the camps, how to indoctrinate prisoners and when to let prisoners’ relatives visit or even use the bathroom.

The Chinese Embassy in London has dismissed these leaks as ‘pure fabrication and fake news’.

Following these leaks there has been international outcry about China’s human rights violations which the Beijing government continues to deny.

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