Nazeen Baloch, director of ‘Lyari (A Prison Without Wall)’, has become the first ever female director from Lyari, Karachi.

Last year Nazeen Baloch directed her first film titled ‘Lyari (A Prison Without Walls) about a family torn apart by a disenchanted father and a football-obsessed son.

The debut of this film has made her the first ever female Baloch director from the infamous district of Lyari in Karachi.

Lyari is known for it’s crime and violence and in recent years, the reports of violence coming from the region have grown. Baloch was born and raised in the region having graduated in Film and TV from Iqra University. During her time at university, she faced many struggles which led to her completing her 4 year degree in 6 years.

This achievement is huge for someone coming from a controversial area and being successful in a male-dominated industry. Her story serves as an inspiration for other women to study and pursue their goals, despite their circumstances.

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