Pakistan will be witnessing its second Student Solidarity March on the 29th of November 2019. Since its inception last year, there has been much controversy shrouding the march, which is odd considering the march is being led by students fighting for what should be their basic rights. 

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To dispel some of the confusion surrounding the march, Propergaanda will be reaching out to different students, asking them why they are marching on the 29th. 

This is why Shireen Rizvi is marching.

“I’m participating in the Student March because it has been so long since I have seen students talking about their issues. The lack of representation is not just frustrating but unconstitutional. I didn’t sign up to live in a society where my existence is neglected, subjugated and oppressed at every level possible. This march is not about blocking roads, it’s a symbolic representation that enough is enough.”

“This traumatic relationship between the administration and students is creating a constant hindrance in the way of a better future. If we aren’t aware of the issues students face on a daily basis, that means we are living in a privileged bubble. And it’s time to break it once and for all.”

Shireen Rizvi. Source: ProperGaanda

Shireen is a feminist researcher and aspiring photojournalist who is currently doing her Bachelors in Political Science from GCU. Shireen has been actively participating in student politics for the past two years. She is currently working with FemSoc and Extinction Rebellion as a correspondent.