Pakistani singer and rapper Ali Gul Pir just released a song called ‘Karle Jo Karna Hai’ and people think he might be attacking alleged sexual harasser, Ali Zafar.

Although the song doesn’t explicitly name anyone, Pir makes references to a certain celebrity sucking up to Ranbir Kapoor and calling the celebrity ‘Tea’ (a reference to the film ‘Teefa in Trouble’).

In the line ‘do you think that you’ll scare me off with all the notices and drama that you do’ people have speculated that he’s referring to the FIA notice Ali Zafar made against Pir over the claim that he made ‘derogatory remarks’ against him.

Pir further references how he isn’t scared to stand up to powerful or rich figures and will even risk jail time if he needs to.

Perhaps the most tell-tale line is ‘I love you a lot, I’m calling this song ‘Channo ki maut’ referring to Zafar’s famous song ‘Channo’.

When speaking about the song, Pir said ‘Freedom of expression and thought is a basic human right recognised by the United Nations.  We all stand against the oppression of the people of Kashmir based on that. Therefore, we should not let our state or the powerful few, censor us. Like thoughts and beliefs, art should remain free of control. Yet, the few rich and powerful, think they can silence the resilient majority. To them, we say karle jo karna hai’.

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