A man from Lahore murdered his ex-wife outside of a local news agent office on Nicholson Road where they both were employed causing panic to ensue in the area.

The woman, who worked at a news agent office in the city’s Qila Gujjar Singh area was leaving work when her ex-husband shot her to death and then proceeded to flee the crime scene.

Lahore police confirmed that they had registered a first information report (FIR) against the suspect, a 25 year old man named Dilwar. They further confirmed that raids were being carried out for his search and arrest.

The deceased women and the suspect used to work at the same news agent on Lahore’s Nicholson road where they got to know once another and eventually married out of choice, according to the officer in charge of the investigation, Muhammad Muneer.

He added that they were living in a flat together but some time later they divorced due to domestic issues.

When the murder was taking place at the news agent, the employees fled the scene in a panic and even took the board stating the name down.

Lahore police are currently still on the search for the suspect.

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