The Pakistan Bar Council will be observing a countrywide strike today in protest against the ‘unconstitutional moves’ in the ongoing high treason case against former President Musharraf and the extension case of Chief of Army Staff General Bajwa.

Today, the Pakistan Bar Council will be observing a full day strike where they will protest and condemn meetings in their respective bar rooms against the government due to the granting of an extension of the COAS tenure and the ‘rescue’ of Musharraf from the high treason case.

The PTI government is currently in the middle of high profile cases; one in which they are defending Prime Minister Imran Khan’s three year extension issued to General Qamar Bajwa and one in which the Islamabad High Court has halted the special court from announcing the verdict of the Musharraf high treason case.

Vice Chairman of the PBC Syed Amjad Shah and Chairman of it’s executive committee Sher Muhammad Khan vehemently condemned the ‘belated efforts and manoeuvrings of the federal government’ following the order of the Supreme Court in regards to the Bajwa extension.

They said that the government had rectified it’s mistakes and made amendments to the law in an effort to overcome their incompetence regarding the granting of the extension.

Moreover, PBC officials further condemned what they believe to be ‘unjustified and unprecedented moves’ by the government in telling the IHC to reserve the verdict of the high treason case against former President Musharraf.

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